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On the Western tip of Myanmar’s Rakhine State, the mayor town of Kyaukpyu is situated. Its rich historical background, economic value and ethnic tensions are part of this week’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay show. Make sure you don’t miss it, this Saturday aired first at 17:30h on DVB TV.


Kyaukpyu (Burmese: ကျောက်ဖြူမြို့ [tɕaʊʔpʰjú mjo̰]; also spelled Kyaukphyu) is located on the north western corner of Yanbye Island on Combermere Bay. The town is situated on a superb natural harbor which connects the rice trade between Calcutta and Yangon.

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The name Kyaukpyu (lit. “white rock”) is the Burmese pronunciation or the local Yangbye pronunciation of the natives of Kyaukpyu. In standard Arakanese, the town’s name is pronounced “Kyaukpru”. The old Kyaukpyu is situated 7 miles from the present town where two colossal white rocks exist.


More pictures can be found in the slideshow ‘part III’ under this link:

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