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Talarku Karen Village in Kayin State in Myanmar, is a remote area where different Karen people struggle for their daily survival. Meet some of the locals, who share their live stories and music.

Burma’s second largest lake is experiencing a change in climate and an increase in pollution.

Locals living on Inle Lake in Shan State say the rise in severe droughts combined with deforestation in the area are contributing to the deterioration of the lake.

Farmers and artisans are worried about their future and are calling for better conservation of the lake.

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DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay roadshow travels to Maungdaw, Arakan State where the team finds desperate poverty among the Bangladesh-Burma border town’s Buddhist and Muslim communities.

Tens of thousands of Muslims remain displaced after communal violence flared in 2012. Rohingya are denied citizenship and subjected to travel restrictions, limiting their access to health and education.

On this episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay Roadshow, the team visits Hpakant in southern Kachin State, where the hunt for Jade is intensifying as political change in Burma looms.

Military elites, drug lords, crony capitalists—all desperate to rip as much jade from the Kachin hills at Hpakant before a new government threatens a black market trade worth as much as US$20 billion per year.

“There’s no proper record of mine locations – only the individual soldiers who planted the mines know where they are,” says Maj.Tun Tun of the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army.
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#9 Sea gypsies in troubled waters

On this episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay [Our Land Our Region], the team swims with the Moken, Burma’s sea gypsies. The port of Kawthaung sits at Burma’s southernmost point. It is an island paradise, and the gateway to the 800-island Mergui Archipelago.

The islands, and the aquamarine sea that separates them, is home to the Moken, boating nomads with a magic connection to the ocean. But on shore, the sands have shifted. Modernity is now chafing at the lives of the sea gypsies.

Join the Roadshow team as they meet the Moken, some still sailing now-troubled waters, others making a new life as fish out of water on both sides of Burma’s border with Thailand.


#8 Painful Chin tradition fading with time

On this episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay [Our Land Our Region] Roadshow, the team ventures into the remote hills of Chin State.

There, the roadies encounter a striking tradition that is now fading with time— facial tattooing. Join the Roadshow team as they meet Chin hill tribe women who are among the last inked by the tradition.


#7 Heart of Gold

On this episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay [Our Land Our Region], the team tours the artisan workshops of Mandalay. By Burmese standards, Mandalay is a young city. In its short life, a wealth of treasures has amassed within the walls of the buttressed city and Mandalay has undoubtedly become Burma’s cultural heart.

Now, as business booms, rent skyrockets and tourists flood in, Burma’s second largest city is changing. Yet the city’s soul can still be found in its artisan workshops, where its short—but rich— history is preserved…in gold.


#6 Hpakant’s jade curse

Hpakant in Kachin state is most famous for its jade mines which produce the world’s best quality jadeite. The human and natural drama that this industry shields, is revealed by DVB’s Roadshow ‘Doh Pyay Doh Myay / Our Land, Our Region’.


#5 The children of Bhamo’s brickworks

On this week’s episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay Roadshow, the team travels to Bhamo, the riverside staging post between Kachin and Shan States.

The team finds a community which has not lost its sense of tradition despite living amidst a now three year civil war.

The team also finds young children working alongside their parents in a riverside brickworks, where families are struggling to make ends meet.


#4 The mines of Mogok

On this week’s episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay Roadshow, the team explores Mogok in northern Mandalay Division.

The name of the town has long been synonymous with rubies.

As the team finds out, mining in the area goes back generations.

Rumour has it that the streets of Mogok are paved with jewels. But is it still possible to strike it rich?


#3 The magic of Inle Lake

This week, the team travels to southern Shan State to take time out on the beautiful Inle Lake.

The team experiences a day in the life of the In-tha, the sons and daughters of the lake.


#2 The mystery of the Kyatgu caves

On the second episode of DVB’s Doh Pyay Doh Myay Roadshow, the team visits mountainous Karenni State.

The team explores the capital, Loikaw, and the surrounding mountains, home to rebel armies, opium growers— and the supernatural.


#1 The elephants of Taungoo

On the first episode on DVB Roadshow, the team takes you deep into the jungles of Karen State.

There they visit a logging elephant camp outside of Taungoo, the seat of a dynasty which ruled over an area stretching from modern day India to Vietnam around four hundred years ago.

There the team met mahouts working alongside their elephants in a changing environment.

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