DPDM #20: Kawthaung

The last Doh Pyay Doh Myay of the season is recorded in the southernmost tip of Myanmar. How is life at sea and on the border with Thailand? Enjoy the 30 minutes impression and let us know what you think on facebook.com/dvb.dpdm.

With the rainy season on the way, the Roadies will take a break, but are hopeful to hit the road again at the end of this year. If you have any suggestions for the program, please let us know by mailing dvb.dpdm@gmail.com.

DVB wants to thank everybody who made the special production of DVB’s Roadshow possible, especially donor USAID, supporting DVB staff, local DVB reporters and most of all; all the people that shared their opinion about their country and region with DPDM.

All episodes will be repeated on DVB TV in the coming months and are 24/7 available online. Thank you for taking part in our journey and stay tuned!

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